"As round-the-clock cable networks and nightly bulletins described the bombings in Boston as “heinous” and “an act of terror,” others were rightly pointing out that  55 people were reportedly killed in a separate incident in Iraq, and that the act that resulted in a substantially smaller loss of life received the majority of coverage.
After reports began emerging, much of the afternoon was spent by many criticising the coverage – or lack thereof – of the attacks.
A simple exercise in editorial judgment would attest to the events in Boston receiving the lion’s share of media coverage, as a result of the deaths there being deemed more important than those in the Middle East.
Which begs the question: are they?”

"Sadly, 65 years after the iconic number 42 blazed a trail that helped rid his society of prejudice – at least overtly; another cause still remains on the sideline, waiting for their Jackie Robinson.
That cause? The representation of gay athletes in the major sporting codes across the globe.”

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“Yet, for all the NFL’s attempt to make the game safer, they’re losing sight of the proverbial forest through the trees.Football is barbaric. It’s brutal, bloody and gladiatorial. Eliminating kickoffs from the game is little more than a publicity stunt for a league desperate to show they’re changing their game, with thousands of lawsuits on the horizon from former players.”Follow. 
“A beaten down, berated Green Bay Packers outfit strolled into the visitors’ locker room. The Packers have been a far cry from the all-conquering 2011 franchise, stumbling out of the blocks to a 2-3 record. Questions were raised as to whether the Pack was actually a playoff contending team, something that seemed blasphemous in the context of their feats of the past eighteen months.”http://www.backpagelead.com.au/other-sports/7717-tailgate-tales-dont-always-believe-the-hypeFollow. 
“Being a stranger in a foreign land has its benefits. For example, there are times when you can see things distinctly that might have been lost over time as the subject gets talked into obsolescence by locals. This happened to me recently with the story of the Washington Redskins, a common tale to Americans but a new and striking one for a visitor.”http://www.backpagelead.com.au/other-sports/7609-havent-we-moved-beyond-redskins-yetFollow. 
"Even during the series of Championship ups-and-downs, late season collapses, coaching changes and the terrible reign of Flavio Briatore reign, it was somewhat gratifying to be able to state my allegiance for the West Londoners, amongst the more common disciples of Manchester’s giants or the more glamorous offerings of the capital’s other suburbs.On Saturday afternoon, however, I was ashamed to be a Queens Park Rangers fan.”
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"Along with the positional breakdown for the 2012 Trojans, USC also included each player’s Twitter handle next to their vital statistics. Not only can we see that star receiver Robert Woods is 6-1 and 190lbs, but he can also be followed at the rather ambitious title of @HeismanWoods.
This is the continuation of College Football’s peculiar relationship with social media.”http://www.backpagelead.com.au/other-sports/7310-colleges-struggling-to-adapt-to-social-mediaFollow. 
"One of the overriding narratives during London’s most recent Olympiad was the involvement of women athletes such as Sarah Attar who became the first woman to represent Saudi Arabia at a Games.
While London rightly continues to bask in a post-Games glow, another major milestone was reached in the quest for sporting equality.”